Waxing my shoes

Maintaining or waxing your shoes is an activity that can have several interests: increasing the life expectancy of your pair by keeping a leather nourished and supple, gradually improving the aesthetics of your shoes thanks to the patina of time.

chaussure en cuir à cirer

1 - Prepare your shoes

Place the shoes inside your pair so that the leather is tight, making the next steps easier. Remember to remove the laces so as not to mess them up and above all to apply the different products evenly and to be able to treat the tongue. Put all your paraphernalia on a table that you can protect from a cloth.

2- Dust off your shoes

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Take a brush in order to dust your shoes, ideally you will have a specific brush for this, a break, which will serve you to uncrate so all your pairs in smooth leather.
The principle of this step is to prepare the shoe by removing all the dust and grime deposited on the leather, so do not hesitate to rub boldly so as not to risk superimposing layers of cleaning products on dirt. This would suffocate the leather and eventually stiffen it and then see it crack. so it won't protect your shoes

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cirer et nettoyer sa chaussure

3 - Clean the leather of the shoe

Wear a soft, smooth, clean cloth, ideally chamoisine, although the traditional old underpants torn and then transformed into a waxing cloth works. Stretch the fabric around your index finger and middle finger together, then place a hazelnut of cleansing cream (called a delicate cream with us) on the cloth that you will apply circularly and energetically on your shoes. The idea is to remove the old layers of wax in order to clean the leather while nourishing it, so we advise you to proceed zone by zone and take advantage of it to rub the folds of ease in the direction of length which will reduce them in appearance.
You will surely have to make several passages in order to remove everything, remember the heel and areas close to the sole that are more difficult to access but also the most exposed.

4- Feed the leather of your shoes

Wrap the clean part of the cloth on both your fingers, taking care to stretch it to avoid creases and apply a generous hazelnut of waxing cream (instead of the cloth, we use a badger that allows a better distribution of the material). The easiest way to choose the color is to select a wax cream slightly darker than your shoes in order to best mask the wear marks (folds, scratches, etc.) and to keep the same hue over the waxes. Apply the cream to the leather with wide, circular movements until the leather stops absorbing the wax and again don't forget to area on the shoe (heel, soles, tongue). Apply yourself to the comfort folds in the direction of their length: the leather by heating and feeding on wax will decrease them which greatly rejuvenates your shoe. When the operation is complete you can let the shoe rest and brush over the entire shoe to remove the extra material.

cirer et nourrir le cuir de la chaussure
cirer et imperméabiliser la chaussure

5- Waterproofing the shoe

When your shoes are dry, brush a superficial brush to polish them and spray waterproofing on the entire shoe surface. Waterproofing settles like a film on leather

and loses its effectiveness as the shoes come into contact with other surfaces when they are used.
If you are reluctant to use an aerosol, it is also possible to polish your shoes with waxing as it has waterproofing properties that will protect your shoes.

6- ... To go further

If you enjoy having the front of your shoe particularly shiny, you have the opportunity to achieve an icing. Leather icing consists of emulsating a layer of wax with a little water directly on the shoe to provide a glossy effect. This technique will soon be the subject of an article be without fear!

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