We are able to send you a pair of shoes all over the world. If your destination country is not programmed in the shop, write us an email: our customer service always has a solution!



You are not satisfied with your shoes and prefer to send them back to us? We take them back without any problems provided they are in good enough condition to be resold!


What if I put on half a size?

Half a size is 3.3mm in length, so you often choose it for general volume (comfort) issues. In this case round to the bottom size and prefer the "Large" width.
Round to the top size in "Normal" width if you choose the half size for the extra length.


Made in Portugal

Our shoes are made by a family factory located south of Porto.


Why two soles? is it only for people who have foot problems?

The two removable soles are the most effective way to adjust the volume of a shoe. You don't have to have foot problems to want to be super comfortable in your city shoes. Thanks to this system we approach the sensation of tailoring by keeping a reasonable budget.


The precision of the shoe, we don't care, right?

We have taken the example of jeans several times in this website. With this type of pants it is not uncommon to differentiate the length of the width in order to obtain a better "fit". No one offers it in the shoe when an unsuitable shoe can have consequences on our posture.