How do I select the right size online?

Selecting a pair of shoes on a site is often risky: how to choose your size online? Thanks to our concept you choose between 2 widths and once the shoe is received, you can continue to adjust it to your feet thanks to the removable soles!

Choosing Length - Size

The length of our shoes is standard. On the other hand, we are full of resources regarding the volume of the foot thanks to our removable soles and our two widths.
So if you're used to taking a half-size look for what reason: is it for length or width? Also remember that you have the ability to adapt the inside volume of the shoe with the removable soles.
Some people choose their shoes with an extra size so that the foot fits in width: in this case you can return to your original size with us taking care to select the width "Large".

Choisir sa pointure, les semelles amovibles

Choose the width of your shoe

So how do you know which width to choose? You know the situations that come your way with each new shoe fitting, here are a few to help you:
Nothing to report in general: take the standard width
Recurrent width concerns: take the upper width, called "Large"
Strong foot-to-foot: take the standard width, thanks to the removable soles you will be able to adjust the depth to your morphology.
"I have orthopedic insoles and a foot that doesn't usually pose any worries": take the "Standard" width and remove 1 to 2 removable soles.
"My feet are ok but it's my heel that's sore": take the width "Standard". If your heels rub against the back of the shoe it's probably a matter of nesting depth, removing a removable sole should be able to help.
"My hallux bothers me": take the width "Large".

The case of Tennis: no need for 2 widths!

Thanks to the laces that go down much lower on the foot, tennis shoes offer a very large range of volume. Thanks to this we are even more adaptable with a width of tennis than with two widths of derbies. Again, everything has been designed to offer you a great comfort: materials, seams, volumes.
You can try without fear and take your usual size, and anyway the return is free for a possible just!

Choosing depth - Removable soles

The interest of our solution is to continue to be able to adapt the shoe throughout its use

It's all about So, if your needs change with the seasons, the temperature or simply during the day it is no longer up to you to adapt. Also by removing or adding one of the two removable soles provided with your pair of shoes you can modulate the space for your feet. The possibilities are therefore greater to have a perfectly adapted and comfortable shoe.

In this diagram you find the differences in volumes obtained by removing the removable soles for each of the two widths:

choisir sa pointure en fonction du volume