How do I put on orthopaedic insoles?

The perennial question finally has an answer!

What are orthopedic insoles?

Orthopaedic insoles or foot orthotics are a tool and not an end in itself. It is usually a removable device, custom made by a specialist practitioner. These orthotics have three areas of action:

  • Correct an imbalance of posture and/or an abnormality of the foot (deep foot, flat foot, short leg or pelvis shift)
  • Compensate and contain deformities(hallux-valgus or "onion", claw toes and certain osteoarthritis)
  • Relieve pain related to supporting (hardness, calcaneal spine, fracture, tendonitis or Morton disease.
  • The pathologies listed are the most common but this list is not exhaustive.

For more details and information, you can refer to our Blog article about this or on the website of our podo partners.


semelles orthopédiques


What are the problems with orthopaedic insoles?

Mainly a space problem. Depending on the nature of the correction to be made and the know-how of your podiatrist, your soles will be less thick. This thickness does not necessarily cause a gene in sneakers and other shoes in soft and elastic materials. On the other hand, in city shoes, it's the cross and the banner! Unless you choose the simplest solution: take larger shoes. Unfortunately, this decision is not a good one. In a shoe that is too large, the supports of the arch and heel are not made in the right place of the sole. This may not only thwart the correction attempted by the corrective soles but also simply create other postural imbalances and make your situation even worse.

What are the solutions for wearing orthopaedic insoles?

It all depends on your situation and especially your goals in relation to the work of your podiatrist.

You can already start by asking your podiatrist for different pairs of corrective soles, for example one for sneakers, one for sports and one for the city. The sole for the city may contain fewer elements than the others. The thought is to think that it is better a little correction than not at all. If we completely abandon the wearing of soles because too restrictive, we lose all hope of relief.

Then it's a matter of favouring shoes with removable soles. Admittedly, few brands offer this option (and sometimes even if they do, the sole is far too thick for it to work), but it may be worth paying attention to it.

The removable sole is not everything, being well in your shoes is above all a fair combination of comfort and elegance. And that's just one brand that has managed to find that balance at the right price. I'll give it to you in a thousand Kar-ax!

Remember only one: Kar-ax!

By combining the two widths with the use of the two removable soles of different thicknesses, the Kar-ax shoes offer up to 8 different combinations of shoes by size. Whether your soles are thin or splicedsmooth, clean or loaded you will finally have as many extra possibilities to fall as close to your comfort without having to buy shoes too big!

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