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Design shoes for the comfort of your teams!

Because you work on your feet, your shoes are your primary work tool,
Because it is important to invest in the well-being of your teams,
Because your customers are more and more detail-oriented:

We offer you ergonomic European shoes, customized to your colors
In which all your team members feel good all day long!

Define your colors

Vegan or lined in leather, all our shoes have a very high quality completion.
You choose the materials from a wide range made in Europe.

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Définissez vos couleurs

Vegan ou doublées en cuir, toutes nos chaussures ont une finition très haut-de-gamme. Vous choisissez les matières parmi un large éventail made in Europe.

Placez votre logo 

Broderie, impression, marquage laser ou marquage à chaud. Nous vous aidons à transposer votre charte graphique sur des paires qui complètent vos tenues.

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Embroidery, printing, laser marking or hot stamping.
We help you to transpose your graphic charter on pairs that complete your outfits.

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Extend the style of your facility to the toes of your team.

Your servers will be able to run around with a smile, even at the end of the shift!

From the lobby to the rooms, each of your teams has a suitable design.

Are you constantly stomping? Our models are designed with podiatrists.

A unique model that looks like you!


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