Pretty valgus hallux shoes for men

The problem with shoes for hallux valgus is that in general they are not very beautiful. That's why we've developed a collection suitable for those who need comfort but remain demanding in terms of style.

A nice shoe for hallux valgus exists!

Why should a hallux valgus prevent us from making us happy?
A range of beautiful shoes adaptable in width and depth to get the best possible comfort.

How do our hallux valgus shoes work?

Create volume for your feet

The first thing to consider with a hallux valgus is the enlargement of the width of the foot at the base of the toes. This is not insignificant because it often forces you to endure severe pain at the end of the day, or even earlier... We have a great tip for this: consider your foot as a volume and adapt the inside of the shoe.


Two removable soles in the shoe

In order to vary the interior volume of the shoe we have two techniques. The first is a system consisting of 2 flat removable soles that allow you to simply dig your shoe. The consequences

have multiple: the base of the shoe widens, the height at the toes and neck of the foot increases and the depth of the heel also.


Two widths per size

The second trick we use is the choice between two widths per size. Thanks to this process, which greatly increases our stock, we have the possibility to adjust the volume even more finely.


No annoying sewing on the front foot

Our shoes are built to avoid pain, so we have removed any friction-generating seams in the shoe as is often the case with the lining. Flexibility is improved and the shoe adapts more easily to your foot.

Chaussure de ville hallux valgus
chaussures pour hallux valgus avec semelles amovibles
hallux valgus chaussures pour homme
Calf leather lining
Removable soles
Free return


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Based on collaboration with podiatrists, our men's derbies are developed for a generous volume inside using 2 removable soles. This not only brings elegant appearance, but also comfort inside.

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Comfort and style are our first visions in producing this men's derby. Chic and high-end in appearance always accompany with comfort inside thanks to two different widths and two removable soles.

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Thanks to development with podiatrists, our boots can bring comfort to your feet even without laces. 2 available widths tuned with 2 removable soles create at the same time style on the outside and comfortable on the inside

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Women's Shoes


The hallux valgus often brings us difficulties and in particular a lack of confidence. This doesn't just affect men. Our shoe collection is also developed for women. We always put comfort aside style!

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