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Flat-foot shoes

Adapt your own shoe to your foot for moreprecision...

chaussure avec semelles amovibles confort 

Why adjust the inside of a shoe?

Everyone knows its size but depending on the model or the brand, the feeling that the foot feels can vary. Thus the main criterion for varying this sensation is the internal volume available. Indeed, the flexibility of the leather allows it to adapt to a morphology but does not make it infinitely expandable. The easiest way to   improve comfort   in a shoe is to have the ability to vary the interior volume.


How do I vary the volume of a shoe?

In order to offer the best value for money, as well as the most reliable and practical solution, we have developed a system of removable soles. The shoe contains a volume greater than the standard ribs of the market, which we then filled with 2 flat soles developed with podiatrists. These soles do not correct the foot or posture because they are flat: podiatrists helped us to define the best parameters to increase comfort and limit fatigue during the day. Each shoe contains two soles that you can remove or not to fit the shoe to the desired posture for your foot. These soles are made of EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate)   and covered with leather to absorb sweat and limit overheating often due to synthetic materials.


Why propose two widths per size?

To say that we have two widths is an abuse of language because the outsole of a so-called "normal" 39 is the same as that for a so-called "wide" 39. What varies is the size of the piece of leather that is "mounted" on this sole. This so-called "stem" piece has a larger area for the so-called "wide" 39 than for the so-called "normal" 39 which mechanically increases the proposed interior volume. Thanks to these two removable soles and these two widths, we offer a wide range of volumes that allows us to adapt to many morphologies. You adjust the volume once the shoe is purchased and therefore reduce the risk of an uncomfortable pair as we have all experienced online.


A product suitable for many uses

Having a shoe with removable soles has other advantages than varying the interior volume of the shoe. This allows you to change what is called the depth of nesting (the height between the bottom of the shoe and the top of the heel). Indeed each morphology, each heel shape, is different: sometimes wider, sometimes more bulging, sometimes higher. Adjusting the depth of nesting then reduces compression or friction. This can also remove the feeling of losing your shoe with every step. Orthopaedic insole wearers can also remove from the inside volume to house their podiatrist's. Moreover, more

Hundreds of them recommend us to their patients because we are the ideal reception structure: good foot support and enough volume in a shoe that makes you want to wear your soles.


Top tips

We return to the basic tips for   the shoe   that obviously apply to   flat   feet:soft shoes with generous footwear (volume for the toes and the foot neck), good ankle support, lack of seam in the lining, lacing, between 1 and 5 cm of heel, cushioning under the foot, etc. These points are all the more important in flat feet as fatigue and poor blood circulation can increase the sensation of pain at the end of the day (or earlier for the more radical).


Consult a podiatrist

It has been said before each case has   its peculiarities,so we advise you   to make an appointment with a practitionerto determine if in your situation the wearing of   orthopaedic soles is desirable. In many situations this will be the case, for others the body already compensates and adding a sole could destabilize the overall posture of the user. So you see the need to use an adjustable boot system to maximize your comfort: your needs may change, why take the risk of not being able to wear your shoes?


Adapt the shoe

Flat feet have specific needs, consider choosing a shoe whose l

argeur is sufficient not to force your foot both at the arch and at the base of the toes. In addition, the friction zones differ slightly depending on the morphologies and it is sometimes realized by use that it would be better to gain volume on certain areas of the shoe. Being able to adjust this without having to go to the shoemaker is still simpler especially if you combine   flat feet and hallux valgus.

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