Sensitive foot shoes can be stylish

Sensitive feet prevent you from wearing shoes you like or shoes that go with your style? That's because no one has told you until today that you're wearing a volume, not a length. At Kar-ax we take into account the volume of your feet and adapt our shoes with removable soles. Your end of the day will change!

2 removable soles, the top of the sensitive foot!

You adapt the volume

The sensitive foot knows this particularly well: our shoes are rarely adapted exactly to our foot morphology. By adjusting the volume of the shoe in width and depth we can work miracles!

Your foot decides

With our two widths you choose a working base. Then you adjust the volume of the shoe to suit the needs of your feet. Are you more of a compressed or space-free type?

chaussure femme pieds sensibles

Good news for the heel

An often sensitive part of the foot is the heel. Its shape, peculiar to each one, does not always correspond to that of the foothills of the great series. Consequences: rubbing, blisters and pain. The

removable soles correct this concern.

Always at the Max!

Does your sensitivity change with activities, underwear and seasons? It's good because our system makes the shoe scalable. You add or remove a sole at will: no one will notice except you!

Expert lyrics

Fabienne L.

"Look super nice and very comfortable. I went on holiday with these shoes right after they bought and I walked 15 km a day for 7 days without any problems or pains. It was perfect. "

Fashionable shoes

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A sensitive and accomplished shoe

Made Hand

In a factory in Portugal.


400 podiatrists recommend us


Our calf leathers are tanned in Europe.

Sensitive feet prevent us from being happy when you buy shoes. There is always an apprehension of what will become of comfort over time. Today you can finally wear fine shoes while enjoying your days.

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Understand sensitive feet?

Sensitive feet, behind this term brings together a whole world of problems and small worries. On the one hand, fragile feet, that is, that are easily injured or which are quickly painful. Examples include diabetic feet, calcaneal spines, ingrown nails, osteoarthritis, burcites, valgux hallux, corns, crevices and other small pains. These feet, therefore, are particularly sensitive and require special attention. And shoeing them can quickly become an ordeal.

On the other hand, sensitive feet, so-called out-of-the-ordinary. Small and large sizes, strong neck-to-foot, bi-forms, short and wide or simply lean. Nature has shaped us as individuals, there is no reason for our feet to deviate from this rule. The main cause of difficulty in putting on shoes for these different feet is industrial. Indeed, the offer of city shoes resulting from mass standardization, globalization and the loss of craftsmanship, does not meet the needs of everyone.

You've got it

it is not easy to have sensitive feet. Already finding shoe at his foot is a miracle, but expecting to enjoy them is fanciful.


Put your feet on!

Starting from a product approach, Kar-ax's ambition is to bring comfortable and stylish quality city shoes back to the reach of all types of feet.

Kar-ax has managed to combine a specification of podiatrists with an assiduous observation of the expectations of users to propose a shoe that corresponds as much as possible to the needs of each one while respecting the foot.

To give you the best welcome at your feet, Kar-ax has paid particular attention to certain strategic elements of the shoe:

  1. The derby, open lacing, allows the shoe to be better adjusted.
  2. A reinforced buttresses ensures that the heel is maintained well.
  3. The full, seamless calf lining prevents friction and injury.
  4. A non-slip sole in leather or gum provides good stability.
  5. Not one, but two removable soles allow you to adjust the shoe to your foot.
  6. 37-49 in Men, 34-43 in Women: small petons and large panards welcome!
  7. Two widths per size: the ecstasy of the wide foot

Sensitive feet from all walks of life, the revolution is underway!


Kar-ax's tips for choosing your shoe


  • Choose a pair of shoes with a modular interior (exclusive)
  • Wear socks that have a weaving at the plant that stimulates the venous network under the soles of the feet
  • Don't tighten the shoe too tightly
  • Avoid carbon soles
  • Ask your podiatrist to make less thick orthopedic insoles that avoid compression by raising the foot less
  • Practice foot bathing in cold water (or even glazed)
  • Raise your legs at night,