You won't have any more foot pain!

A shoe with removable soles, nice and above all healthy for your body


"The positive comments read on the site had encouraged me to take the plunge, if I may say so, but it was really in use that I was able to confirm that your shoes had nothing of the orthopedic shoes that are afraid to have the representation of Epinal.

"S. Belbellaa"



Pretty shoes for all the feet that hide their game well.
A great invisible comfort because there is no age to be elegant!
You can adapt the available volume to suit your needs and seasons.
From 34 to 49 you will inevitably find a satisfactory solution!



We have selected serious materials but without extravagance: you pay for quality and not the superfluous.
Our linings are entirely leather and seamless at the avan

t foot: the pleasure of detail!
Besides, our shoes are Made in Portugal.


Quality level price we are on top of the top! I am very happy with this purchase which will surely push me to buy you other products.

C. of the Neuve House


The shoes are very pretty, comfortable, faithful to the photos of the site. [...] The staff also takes care of their customers via email or telephone contacts. In short, highly recommended address!

Virginia M.



What you would expect from a shoe is style, comfort and quality, period.
You customize comfort at home with the 2 removable soles in each shoe.  They can even adapt to orthopaedic insoles, that's why podiatrists recommend us!

Sensitive foot shoes but not that...

Too many of you demand more comfort in your leather shoes and are too attentive to aesthetics for us not to hear you. Making pretty shoes for sensitive feet was a complete and very informative process. Each criterion has its importance: the style to want to put on the shoe, the comfort to want to wear it again and the quality so that this pleasure lasts over time. The quality of the materials chosen and the production techniques also allow us to offer you a good foot posture and protect the progress of the

Not. It doesn't look like much like that, but at the end of the day it's a difference that counts in the fatigue felt. We are sure that our shoes will allow you to smile more often!

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