Your orthopedic soles in beautiful shoes!

When you slip your corrective soles into your shoes, the volume available for your foot decreases. This poses comfort problems as the foot can then be compressed. Thanks to the concept of removable soles you can wear pretty shoes with your orthopedic soles.

Why 2 removable soles?

Volume adapts

Changing the volume of a shoe is like playing on width and depth. That's kind of what you do with good jeans: you choose the length, the width and possibly low or high waist. Comfort guaranteed!

Width is customised

You can choose from two widths per size depending on your usual needs. Then the removable soles allow you to adjust this width because the more soles you remove, the wider the shoe at its base.

Jolie chaussure semelles orthopédiques

depth is adjustable

Removing a sole allows you to play on the depth of the shoe's nesting. Often slipping an orthopedic sole into your shoe means that the shoe no longer holds your heel. Adjust the shoe to your foot.

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Always comfortable

Your needs may change with the seasons or the day. Two removable soles allow you to be constantly agile and have optimal comfort at all times. No more shoe/sock compatibility issues!

"I despaired of finding pretty shoes with my "inchaussible" feet.
Trying on Kar-ax's shoes is to adopt them. After the derbies I switched to boots ... Comfort, quality, perfect look, that's exactly what I was looking for.
Really thank you, and you're nice! "

Caroline L.

November 23, 2018

"They're perfect! The look, the quality, the comfort. The removable insole system is awesome! My orthopaedic sole fits perfectly. If I put socks I remove the 2 soles, if I put stockings I remove only one. Next to my old orthopaedic shoes they are surprising and have style!!! "


Julie S.

11th April 2019

"Comfortable sneakers, I was able to put on my 8 mm sole! The finish is of quality both inside and outside! I enjoyed the pair of golden laces in addition to the white laces, it puts a touch of originality and elegance at the same time!
Thank you 😊"

Karine B.

23 April 2019

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Mocassin femme semelles orthopédiques

The perfect shoe

Made Hand

In a factory in Portugal.


400 podiatrists recommend us


Our calf leathers are tanned in Europe.

We have developed a specification to make our shoes recommendable. Why do you have to choose between a nice shoe and a healthy shoe? Here you have style and you do yourself good!

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Shoes developed with podiatrists


The interest of our solution for sole wearers? be able to remove 1 to 2 soles from their pair of Kar-ax in order to increase the depth of the volume in order to house its own plantar correction system. Our orthopedic insole shoes have been developed with podiatrists to provide them with the best tool to correct patients. They are therefore perfectly suited to any type of correction: posturology, biomechanics, etc. Because the volume of the soles is variable, you can adjust it to your own needs.

If more than 400 podiatrists recommend us in France it is because we allow users of soles to better appreciate the work of their practitioner and especially not to associate it with a constraint. The postures are corrected, the satisfied patients and their podiatrist valued, that's the kar-ax synergy!

Partners in podiatry

Partners of several associations of podiatrists in France, we believe that exchanges with foot professionals will allow us to offer you better shoes. So we participate in various events with theUnap-Sypcac (the two syndicated podiatrists). We also regularly intervene in podiatry schools in order to make our concept known to future generations of podiatrists, it is then an opportunity to evoke the entrepreneurial approach that often presents problems converged with those of a liberal profession.

chaussures podologues semelles orthopédiques