Uses Removable soles

Sensitive feet, wide or flat, hallux valgus, claws: a solution exists!

We have the will to offer the best compromise to our customers. This is why our concept has many facets and meets a multitude of needs: sensitive feet, wide or flat, hallux valgus, claws, removable soles, orthopedic fittings or simply a little comfort in this world of rough thanks to a custom comfort. There are many questions and the answer is the same: adapt your shoes to your feet!

Orthopaedic insoles: need for depth

Anyone who wears orthopaedic insoles face this problem. A corrective sole is a volume, so it makes sense to need more space in the shoe to be able to wear them while maintaining comfort. Logic, logic, it depends on the point of view shall we say ... The solution that appears to be the most obvious is to take one or two extra sizes. Unfortunately this is a false good idea because physiologically the foot does not take the supports in the right place in a shoe too big. That's why there are not one but two removable soles of different thicknesses. Depending on the thickness of the correction you can remove one or both in order to keep the same size.


chaussure semelles orthopédiques

Flat feet: need width

Whether they are wide or flat your feet need width! All models are available in two widths. One "Standard" width and another "Comfort". Technically this means that on the same size and by combining with the removable soles the width of the shoe can go from an F rating to a K rating. This corresponds to the 8th and 12th widths by the Point de Paris method. For example: a 42 Standard with both removable soles matches an F, while a 42 Large with no two removable soles is a K. So it's possible to modulate the volume by combining widths and removable soles according to your needs!

Sensitive feet: need for volume

For sensitive feet there is no hack or trick possible, tricks

blogs from the internet's bottom are just waste of time and consumption of hope. When your feet hurt, YOU HAVE a bad foot! First step: the podiatrist. And yes these professionals remain the best specialists to treat, relieve or correct sensitive feet. The second step is to find shoes with volume. The more space the foot has, the less constrained it will be and the more it will be able to express itself as it pleases. Kar-ax shoes offer up to 8 jumpsuits per size, eight times more likely to put on your shoes more comfortably than in other shoes.

It's all in the detail

The last thing to be careful about is the inner lining of the shoe. Check already its existence (there are specialists of the lining on the visible part then nothing in the background ...) and then check what is not used to just cover seams (which would inevitably create areas of friction). The must is like in the Kar-ax a full and seamless calf lining!

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